Thursday, August 18, 2005

State Children's Protection Registries generate a little controversy

The Families and Technology Blog discusses two new children's protection registries set up by the states of Utah (Utah Code Title 13, Chapter 39)and Michigan. Parents and teachers have been able to register children for the Utah registry since July 15th, while Michigan's has been available since the first of this month. As mentioned, the service looks like an interesting idea. By the looks of things, both sites were developed by the same developer (Park City-based company Unspam Technologies). Enforcement may turn out to be quite difficult. Some have attacked the idea as being too difficult to implement or potentially counterproductive. What do you think?

The School Technology Leadership blog places Utah and UEN on the "cutting edge" of technology.

"Technology we Blog" discusses the cooperation between Virginia Tech and Turbowave, a local Utah company. We have been researching a potential deployment of Turbowave technology to determine whether it might be a potential fit for the broadband wireless network that we are hoping to deploy here.

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