Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The National Journal on UTOPIA

The latest article in a multipart series in the National Journal discusses UTOPIA, a consortium of Utah cities that are rolling out the largest fiber-optic network in the country. There a couple of additional muni-fiber buildouts in Utah that are already ahead of UTOPIA, including the one that I benefit from at home.

It is difficult to see information compromised like the employee records that were exposed in a recent security incident at the University of Utah. The University has a well-trained security team that works hard to maintain a high level of security. Their response was quick and thorough and aims to help those who might have been compromised.

Good luck to Maine in their efforts to develop a consolidated emergency communications network. These things always tend to become at least a little contentious.

Jim Stewart suggests that every user become the system administrator for his / her machine in order to maintain security.

Four states have reported impacts from the Zotob virus that seems to be running around wildly. According to the Internet Storm Center, "CNN reported a worm outbreak this afternoon involving their network, ABCNews, NYTimes, as well as Capitol Hill." The patch is available from Microsoft.

CIO Magazine presents "The Bold 100" in its current issue, a list of CIOs who they deem to be leaders and innovators. It looks like 8% come from government.

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